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The working boxer dogs ancestors, the English bulldog and the Belgian Bullenbeisser are quite familiar with being working dogs. The bulldogs used as guard dogs and for police work, developed a keen sense of duty and loyalty towards their owners, making them excel in such “jobs”.

The Bullenbeissers on the other hand, were more commonly used for hunting reasons, but their strong nature also made them fit in some other working roles. Therefore, given the family tradition, it’s not hard to understand why working boxer dogs are appreciated all over the world and they are given some of the most diverse kinds of work a canine could perform.

Even since their early stages, back in the mid 19th century when the boxer was defined as a breed, they didn’t have it easy. Trained for hunting purposes, working boxer dogs were rigorously trained for increased strength and agility, this fact eventually paying off through their robust, sturdy build.

Given their fearless, loyal personality, boxers were also used as guard dogs, a trait they inherited so well from their bulldog ancestry. Their physical skills and the fact that they are among the most easily trainable breeds of dogs, has made them become one of the favorite police dog breeds of the time.

The only problem with the police working boxers was that most of them were white, which made them less stealthy and less appropriate for night jobs. Although they compensated this minus with their high intuition and smarts, breeders tried (and succeeded) getting darker tones to the boxer’s fur, through a series of cross-breeds. Nowadays, white boxer dogs are considered “rare”, since they only fill in about 20% of the total boxer population.

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So we’ve concluded that a working boxer is great for guarding, police work and hunting. They’re also well known for their ability to be used as seeing-eye dogs for blind people and they were even used as couriers in the two World Wars. How can a simple dog fulfill so many roles, one might ask. The answer is found by analyzing a working boxer dog’s personality and characteristics. Boxers are easily among the first most complex breeds of dogs of today, mixing aggressiveness with loyalty and friendliness.

The fact that they’re easily trainable and extremely obedient will allow you to raise him exactly the way you want, teaching him to “work” even since a small pup. The majority of roles a working boxer can fulfill also make use of their heavy, sturdy structure (guarding, police work, hunting) and their keen judge of character (guarding, police work, as well as their great intuition skills (hunting, police work).

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