Tango and Kash

by Joanne
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Boys and their toys

Boys and their toys

We have 2 boxers Tango who is Brindle and Kash who is reverse Brindle, there is a 3 weeks difference in their ages Kash being the older one, they are 6 months and 6 1/2 months old now and the light of our lives, the most loving, playful and intelligent boys, but the biggest lap dogs going lol.

We had only ever owned small dogs up to this point so it was a real adjustment my grandson Hayden was very leery at first because they were so friendly that they wanted to jump into his arms and at 10 years old it can be a little frightening, but 4 months later and Hayden has become as well adjusted to them as they are to him.

Kash is the bigger of the 2 and the biggest attention seeker, he loves kisses and flop his 65 pound body onto my lap for his day time naps. He is very well behaved we haven't lost any furniture to him (a few slippers) but they are easily replaceable.

Tango on the other hand is the get in your face kinda guy, he thinks if he does a back flip off the couch that someone will be there to catch him, he has no fear of anything, and eats like someone wants to steal his food, he has such a personality and he makes sure we all pay attention to it.

I can't imagine our lives without them now, it's a lot of hard work, but worth every second of it when u see those faces and get rewarded with the big sloppy kisses they give away frequently for free! Boxers are a truly amazing breed!

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Dec 25, 2010
by: ej

these dogs look just like ours-your Tango looks like our Boxer mix and Kash like our newest boxer. Both are rescues and our older one is close to 10 yrs old and he has learned to enjoy the crazy younger(4 yr old approx) dog. He doesn't mind her only sometimes growls at her when she's too hyper.

Nov 16, 2010
Nice looking boxers
by: Anonymous

Your dogs look happy and healthly, nice contrast with the colors. Have fun with them.

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