My boxer dog has separation anxiety, what should I do?

Separation anxiety tends to occur in boxer dogs when their young or when they are older. That's because this is usually when a dog is most dependent on their owner. There are wide variety of symptoms of separation anxiety. It might be excessive barking, chewing furniture, going to the bathroom in the wrong place, etc.

The important thing to remember is that your boxer isn't trying to act out or be disobedient. They are just scared that when you leave you'll never come back. Punishing them will only make the problem worse, because they won't understand why they are being punished. Spending more time with them or getting another dog won't work either.

So how do work on this problem? The first thing you need to remember is that dogs can be very intuitive. If you often come in bad mood and are angry with them they will sense it. This might actually be what their anxious about. Likewise if your too excited and dramatic with leaving or coming home it could be contributing to the problem.

Secondly you need to start getting your boxer dog used to being alone. Start small with this. Just leave the house for a very short time and come back. Then start working up to longer and longer times. Eventually your boxer should be able to be alone all day.

Some tips for helping this process along:

-Use they same word or phrase whenever your leave the house. That way they will start to associate this with the idea that you will be coming home.

-Leave your dog some clothing that smells like you.

-Leave the radio on.

-Close doors behind you so they get used to being alone.

-Leave them a chew toy to play with.

-Go for a run in the morning with them.

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