Senior Boxer Dog Health: The Signs And Symptoms To Look Out For

senior boxer dog health
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The vast majority of dog owners worry about the health of their aging dogs from time to time. This is largely because we want to make their final years as a part of the family as comfortable as possible. However, it is entirely possible that our dogs will all develop some sort of health complaint in their later years. Some are more prone to that than others though. For example, the Boxer, as a breed, is notorious for its state of health as it gets older. The breed does indeed have more health issues than most but these are amplified as the dogs head into their senior years, which is why senior Boxer dog health can be an extremely difficult time for both you and your dog.

The level of senior Boxer dog health in the individual dog can be affected by any number of factors, illnesses, ailments and diseases. This obviously depends on the predisposition and genetics of the dog in question but there are several problems that repeatedly affect Boxers and thus the level of senior Boxer dog health. The main ones are outlined below for ease of reference:

The Heart

The heart undoubtedly affects Senior Boxer dog health and the breed unfortunately has quite a few problems in that area. One such heart condition that many Boxer have is Aortic Stenosis, which affects the main artery leading from the heart. Some Boxers do live with mild cases and have no problems at all but severe cases can lead to serious illness or even death. Boxer cardiomyopathy is also an issue. This stems from an irregular heartbeat and poor blood flow and can cause fainting and heart failure. As such, it is important to check your Boxer’s heart to make sure it is healthy

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The Joints

Boxer dogs do tend to have arthritis as they age. In fact, a high proportion of the breed has some sort of issue with their joints, which in turn affects senior Boxer dog health. The hips are especially vulnerable as hip dysplsia is common via the ball and socket of the hip not fitting together well. It is extremely important to ensure that you exercise your dog regularly, feed him or her a healthy diet and seek veterinary advice at the first signs of arthritis. This can go a long way to keeping your boxer healthier and pain free.


Of all of the ailments that may affect senior Boxer dog health, none is as serious as the threat of cancer. It affects a relatively high percentage of Boxers so you should be vigilant to ensure that you ultimately catch it early should the problem arise for you and your dog. Unfortunately, Boxers are most prone to brain tumors, lymphoma and mast cell tumors. However, white boxers are extremely vulnerable to skin cancer as well so they should be protected if out in the sun.

Of course, there are other health problems that may arise. However, the above information details those that are perhaps the biggest threats to senior Boxer dog health so vigilance is most definitely the key.

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