Seamus - Fawn Markings

by Craig W
(Canton, Mi)

Seamus & Lily

Seamus & Lily

Seamus, was rescued when 10 months from the Boxer Haven Rescue in Michigan. This beautiful specimen was rescued by our family of 6 - willing to take the plunge with a Boxer. Seamus was purchased from a breeder and relinquished to the Boxer Haven when the original owners lost their job & home in the tough automotive climate of Detroit.

The Boxer Haven worked with him to teach him good manners and how to play well with smaller dogs and children. The Boxer is now a year old and very grateful for being rescued. Moving from foster home to foster home fostered growth - but a little sadness for not having forever people.

The dog patiently nannies guardian a sweet 18 month old girl and waits by the door at 4:00PM for the school bus to drop off the twins. Regal and very alert. The neighbors noticed he is a clown and lovable teddy bear...until the children are in the area and he goes on duty.

Tends to sit on other dogs, clown around and shred some toys if left alone with his 6 month old Westie companion (Lily)...for more than three hours...we deal with it because he makes up for it with his super jumps and big hugs.

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