Savannah a Fawn , Rugar a fawn and Shyanne a brindle

by Dana
(South Carolina)

Momma with Rugar and Savannah

Momma with Rugar and Savannah

Savannah was adopted at a year old..She was very skittish and shy. With enormous amounts of love she has become the sweetest most loving Dog. We have 2 Boxers both fawn. Rugar who is going on 9 is the calmest dog ever.He just wants to snuggle and give kisses. Savannah is going on 4.

We currently found a brindle puppy (aprox 1 yr old) at a shelter near where we live that we are adopting on Tuesday..All of our Children have been rescue/adoptees. We will never ever have any other type of breed. Boxers are the best!

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