Running Away From Home

by elaine sadlier

Our female boxer dog is now 20 months old and we have had her since she was a puppy. She has now run away from home on two occasions and is gone for a couple of days. We live across the road from a graveyard and she loves going over there to run around.

How do we stop her? Every time the front door is open, she shoots through the front door and runs over to the graveyard. She seems to have no sense of where home is. She just keeps on going.

She is a delightful dog who is very much part of our family but we should be able to leave the front door open without her bolting!!


It sounds like she might need more exercise. Take her over to that graveyard and let her tire herself out running around.

There might also be some small animals over there that she wants to chase. Boxer's have a highly developed prey drive. They love to hunt. A small doggie gate might be a good option in this case. It may be a little inconvenient, but it could be your best option.

Also when some dogs run, they do it because they want to be chased. They think it's a game, they take off and you come running after them. Some owners have had success with a little tough love. They simply shut the door. Five minutes later the dog comes back whining and pawing at the door to get in.

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