Remy, fawn male boxer

by Lori
(New Jersey)

All smiles

All smiles

Remy is an amazing dog and I could go on-and-on forever about his multi-faceted personality. He loves playing with energetic dogs and tolerates the antics of puppies, too. He was certified as a therapy dog and has his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. He is also a canine blood donor.

Many people cannot believe how calm he is since most of the boxers they meet are crazy, but he gets two walks a day and has been well socialized. He is by no means the most obedient. He loves giving "kisses" and will often knock over a kid or dirty your white shirt in the pursuit of the kiss.

Remy would eat all day if given the chance, but we're pretty good about his diet. He gets high protein, grain-free food plus meaty and fishy treats. One of his favorite snacks is yogurt (1% fat free plain) and while he won't touch a fresh vegetable, he loves fruits!

Like pretty much all boxers, he is a "velcro dog". If he thinks we're going somewhere or if I've been out of town for work, his head will be at my knee everywhere I go. Thankfully, despite being clingy while we are home, he does not have separation anxiety.

We socialized Remy with people and dogs from day one and implemented structure through positive training throughout his life. He seems afraid of nothing and is a confident and loving companion. He is the best dog I've ever had (my first as an adult) and I cringe at the thought he will one day leave me. Until then we will enjoy each other's company and have fun.

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