My boxer puppy keeps going inside the house, what do I do?

Puppies have very small bladders and it takes a while for them to learn to control it. The best thing to do is get your boxer puppy on a regular schedule by taking them outside often (every 1-2 hours) at set times. Try repeating the same phrases every time your take her outside like "let’s go outside". This repetition will help them learn to go outside faster.

Avoid giving your boxer puppy too much water to drink before they go to sleep and maybe take them out once a night if you hear them wake up. If your not home enough to keep a constant eye on them you may want to consider getting a pet cage. Find a safe area for the cage where your boxer puppy can’t damage anything important and lay down some newspaper. It might also help if you can get a friend to take them out a few times when you’re not around.

Most important of all is lots of positive reinforcement. Praise her whenever she goes outside and maybe give her a treat when you put her inside the cage. Yelling at and scolding your boxer puppy for going inside the house is often counterproductive. You may want to check with your local humane society as well. They often have free training course for puppies. Boxers are very smart dogs and they will learn fast if you are consistent. Have patience, praise often, and you will get through this difficult period.

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