Pregnant Boxer Dogs

pregnant boxer dogs
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Regardless if you’re an amateur boxer breeder or an individual dog owner, it’s important to know in time when your boxer bitch is pregnant and what you need to do about it.

A pregnant boxer dog needs a lot more taking care of than before, since she will get constant mood swings, she might become unstable temperamentally, she will require a slightly different diet and she might become a lot more dominant towards other dogs or pets in the house, but also in her relation with humans.

A boxer bitch first enters her heat cycle when she’s around 9-12 months old. During it, she will lift her tail up, “inviting” potential mates and letting them know she’s in heat. If she gets pregnant in the mating process, she will get larger, heavier and a lot hungrier. Another sign of pregnancy in boxer dogs is that their nipples grow and get stiffer, in preparation of the pups.

Take note that boxers, as most other breeds, may suffer from “phantom dog pregnancy”. This is a condition in which the signs of pregnancy on a boxer dog appear after her heat cycle; however no actual impregnation has produced. If you think your boxer is suffering from phantom dog pregnancy, you need to take her to a vet for a check-up, since the condition might evolve into mastitis and some other complications.

A boxer dog’s pregnancy period lasts for roughly 60 days, during which time her diet will have to change dramatically. Not only will she eat almost 3 times more than before, but she will also require heavy amounts of carbohydrates and minerals in her diet.

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It’s worth investing some extra time and money in preparing her diet for those 2 months, since it might be determinant for the pups’ health and strength. Also, during the lactation stage she will require an equally large amount of food, or she will become weak and she might not be able to produce enough milk for all her pups.

When you feel it’s time for your boxer dog to enter labor, make sure you ready a basket, or a soft blanket for the litter. If you use a basket, try getting one that is deep enough so that the pups won’t escape from it and walk around the surroundings and make sure they’re kept nice and warm in there, maybe covering it with a couple of blankets.

Although the fresh new mommy will keep her pups warm, it’s always a good choice to have a secondary source of warmth for the times when your boxer keeps going out for a stretch. It’s also a good idea to accommodate your boxer dog with the basket even before she’s in labor, so that when the litter comes out, she’ll already be comfortable towards it and will “allow” keeping them inside it.

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