Penny, shes a pure bred boxer

by Janis Thomas
(Belen NM US)

Boy what a choice 4 a pet, boxers are just so smart, n nice with people n kids I got so close to Penny that I forgot about my Shih Tzu Milo, which I love him to. I Got Penny when she was 6wks olded.

I name her Penny cause of the one round dark spot on top of her head between her ears and the rest of her was all white, As she got older you could see little bit of light spots here and there, and the spot between her ears went oval on me.

But I still kept Her name Penny. Another thing I fell in love with was her nose how it curls up which makes her look so cute. She was also very easy to train.

After I had her for 8 months she was gone, It was like part of my heart was gone. So we starter looking for her every were, put up posters around town. And sure enough some one called and the funny thing, is that her name was still Penny, she was fifty miles away from home.

We went to talk to the people that had her, they were saying lies left and right. So to get her back we have to take them to court. So please keep us in prayer.

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