Oscar Walks Himself!

by Nanette
(Sunnyvale, CA)

My white boxer, Oscar, loves taking his daily walks to the park or around the neighborhood. He knows the word "walk" and "field trip" and if you mention these words, he will run to his leash hanging on the door knob and pull it with his teeth until it comes free. He'll walk around the house following you with the leash in his mouth (the entire long leash) until you are near the door. Oscar will then drop the leash, look up, and kind of give you a look like, "Oh come on, Mom, hurry it up!" Once you've put the leash on him, he'll grab the leash again, put the rest of his leash in his mouth and as you are walking out the door, he'll walk out. It's SO cute to watch him walking himself down the street with the leash in his jaws. When I'm done with him walking himself, I'll say "Drop it" and he drops the leash and allows me to walk him. My dog is so smart, and I am SO blessed to have him with us!!!

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