My boxer's name is Bella and she is a European fawn from the Del Colle Dell Infinto and Pannon Box Champion lines.

by Maddy-Sun Avila
(Miami USA - Europe)

My Bella as a baby!

My Bella as a baby!

I received my dearest Bella (Xpected Vom Kaiserfelson or X2 Vom Kaiserfelson) as a Christmas gift in 2007, when I was 7 years old.

She was the most adorable female my Dad could find (available age-wise for Christmas) in Europe from Champion lines. Vom Kaiserfelson Kennel in Eastern Europe is where she was waiting for us :) and where we traveled there to pick her up!

The Vom Kaiserfelson Kennel had produced several European and International Champions... of them Pannon-Box Jesse and Morgana Del Colle Dell Infinito, whom are my Bella's parents :)

Though be never actually planned to show Bella, the one time we did, she won multiple CAC ribbons and certificates... wow, where we surprised!

We have not shown her again, to us she was always our Queen and having been awarded with multi-CACs just confirmed what we have felt for her all along.

She turns 4 years old October 3, 2011, and will be home in the USA by Summer of 2012, as we rotate back to the States by then.

We have been torn between having her fixed, but are set on at least breeding her once, perhaps to a Champion in Europe or maybe mix the breed with a Boxer Champion in the USA - imagine those pups!

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