Miss Mai Full blooded boxer

by Mindy Swearingen
(Danville, Indiana, USA)

Miss Mai

Miss Mai

We received Miss Mai when she was 15 weeks old. She is the sweetest dog ever. Once during a snow/ice storm our power went out. Miss Mai climb in bed with the boys and I and kept us warm during that tough time.

When my Grandson comes and stays the night, Miss Mai is right by his side as his protector when he is asleep at night.

Miss Mai is now a year and a half and is expecting her first litter at any moment. She will be a very good Mother.

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Apr 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

people like you kill me you never even had a dog but you post things like this for what? you are a crazy person,and like to lie to make your self look good one day it will all come back on you!! this site is for real people with real boxers!!! I am so glad you moved from your old unit,wish you would move out of town!!! one day people will know what you are!!!

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