Miniature Boxer Dogs: The Raging Debate

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Performing an Internet search for miniature Boxer dogs is an arduous task to say the very least. Entering that term into a search engine will reveal many results for you. You have the breeders marketing miniature Boxer dogs for sale at around $750 per dog but then you also have articles about the Boxer that categorically state that there are no miniature Boxers in existence. So which is correct? Well, both are in actual fact. The debate as to their existence is a complex one for many reasons, some of which are actually discussed below.

If you ask many Boxer breeders and experts they will readily tell you that miniature Boxer dogs do not exist. In fact, there are no miniature or giant versions of the breed at all, unlike some others out there. There are variations within the Boxer breed but they are limited to English, American and German Boxers. All are medium sized dogs, stand between 21 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh in at between 50 and 65 pounds for a female and 65 and 80 pounds for a male. As you can see, there is nothing miniature about these statistics. Although the breed was previously a little shorter than it is now, it would never have been mistaken for or termed as miniature Boxer dogs.

As you can see, the argument for there not being miniature Boxer dogs is convincing. After all, if every member of the breed falls within the above guidelines then no dogs can be called miniature Boxer dogs. However, that is where the contradiction lies. No member of the Boxer breed is miniature but there is a dog known as the Mini-Boxer that is outside of the breed.

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The miniature Boxer dogs, or the Mini-Boxers, actually have no Boxer dog in them at all. Instead, they originated in the United States as a result of the mating of a Pug male with a Rat Terrier, Fox Terrier or Boston Terrier female. The union between the Pug and the Rat Terrier is the most common and so the pups may also be known as Pugrats. They are effectively hybrids that are given the tag of miniature Boxer dogs purely and simply because they resemble a Boxer but are much smaller.

The above information is why you may see numerous miniature Boxer dogs advertised on various pet websites and in newspapers and magazines. They do sell for hundreds of dollars and are in demand as a result of the fact that they are linked to the Boxer. However, they are undoubtedly cross breeds and have really ignited passion amongst Boxer enthusiasts who denounce the “breed” and are incredibly angry that the name implies a link to the Boxer. Of course, many also think the breeding practice cruel.

In short, although miniature Boxer dogs exist, they are not directly linked to the Boxer breed in any way, shape or form. It is important to make this distinction before considering getting one for your home because you cold end up paying over the odds for a dog that is not what its name implies.

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