Male and Female Boxer Dogs

male boxer dogs
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So you’ve settled on choosing a boxer dog as a pet. To start off, it must be said that no matter what the gender of your boxer will be, simply by choosing this breed you are guaranteed to get a fun, loving, loyal and obedient pet. Still, if you’re interested in knowing more about the differences between male and female boxer dogs, read on.

I’m going to start by saying that the following bits of information are relative to the training of your boxer dog as well as the environment he or she grew in. Although both male boxer dogs and female boxer dogs have a few tendencies that show up in general, each dog is unique and they might not develop these features as strongly as others. With this in mind, let’s what the main differences between a male and a female boxer dogs are:

Male Boxer Dogs

In general, male boxer dogs are more affectionate than females and they are very extroverted, letting you know exactly how they feel, whether they’re in a playful mood, if they’re tired or if they crave affection. Their mood also lacks the radical changes that a female boxer dog may experience, making them more stable from this point of view. This sort of “in your face” attitude is excellent if you’re going to use your boxer simply as a family pet.

It’s also said that male boxer dogs “grow up” harder. Female boxers mature a few years faster, so for example a 3 year old boxer female is said to have matured as much as a 4-5 year old male. This means that if you choose a male boxer, you’ll be dealing with an “oversized kid” for quite a while, which is fun if you get him as a family pet, but it might be a bit problematic if you need a fierce guard dog. Male boxers are also more tolerant to other dogs than females are, especially when it comes to new encounters with dogs of the same gender (a male – male encounter is less likely to produce the same sparks as a female – female one).

On the down side, male boxers (well, male dogs in general) are more likely to engage in dominance struggles, especially in the early stages of their life. They might also cause some rather embarrassing moments in their sexual prime, as they will gladly hump anything that crosses their way. And then of course, on the same negative side, there’s the marking of territory…expect to have a few unpleasant experiences with that :)

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Female Boxer Dogs
female boxer dogs

It’s not that female boxer dogs are not equally affectionate or loving as the males, but they tend to be more introverted and keep their feelings to themselves at times. They’re a lot more subtle about what they feel and you’ll have to work harder in knowing exactly what the mood of you boxer is than with a male. Sometimes, they contrast this lack of expression by radical mood swings, so you might see your female boxer extremely happy and playful one day, only to see her grumpy and bored the next.

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