Lady Dutchess Of Winders & Sir Duke Of Winders

by Sonja
(Cedar Rapids IOWA)

loving them dental bones

loving them dental bones

She is a clown for sure and a lovable life long friend to me and my family. Dutchess will be 1 years old May 29th.
Duke is also a clown who loves too who loves to play soccer out-side with me and Dutchess. Duke will be 3 years old Oct 29.
I know they look like brother and sister But I got each of them from Different Breeders.
I'm so glad that I have them both in my life and you better believe they are spoiled around here.
Oh this picture was taken April 25, 2009 Dutchess is the one wearing the boxer briefs lol. You can all guess why she is wearing them lol.
We are still deciding if we will breed the two but for now Duke is not interested in mating with Dutchess.

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Sep 01, 2009
A new boxer for duke and Dutchess
by: Anonymous

I would just like to let every one know on her that Duke and Dutchess have a new friend living with them.

You see there was this boxer that lived a block over that Dutchess would stop by on and play with when we went on our walks. Any this Boxer Echo showed up at my house last wensday with no collar and pawed my front door ( I guess it was her way of knocking lol) I opened my door and she walked in jumped on my couch and just looked at me like hey hows it going. Any way I talked to her owner and her owner was saying that since the pit bull they have has come to age Echo had stopped eating and she was going to the bath room in the house. She wanted to give up Echo. So I said I would take her and find her a home. I did not want to see her go to the pound. The pound here is over run with unwanted dogs and they have had to put down alot of dogs lately.
Well I called around to alot to friends and every one liked her put no one had the time to take care of her because of work.
So I said fine she has a home her and Dutchess and Duke seem to like her and have really welcomed her to the pack.
I guess it's true what they say "Boxers are like chips you cant just have one lol"

Apr 30, 2009
you should be a very proud mommy
by: Anonymous

They are gorgeous! IF you ever do decide to beed them they will have amazing puppies I'm sure. But letting them just enjoy eachothers companionship seems to be beautiful all on its own.

ps: love the boxers on her - yes we know why but thats just too cute a pic!

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