Keeping Boxer Dogs Warm in Winter

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One of the biggest problems that boxer dog owners encounter is their high sensitivity to extreme temperature changes, especially to cold. Although you might not think of it when looking at a boxer’s strong constitution, it’s quite easy for them to get ill during winter time, especially because of their short coat of hair.

There are two things you need to worry about during the winter, in order to keep your boxer dog warm. The first one, and the most important, is keeping him warm when taking him outside the house for his daily exercises, for some playtime in the fun or for his physiological needs. Especially if you offer him a warm climate inside your house, taking him directly outside in the cold can get him sick in no time.

One of the most common solutions to this problem is getting some dog clothes. These can consist of a dog coat, a vest and a pair (well actually two pairs) of small boots to protect their paws. Not only will these “fashion accessories” keep your boxer dog warm during adverse temperature conditions, but they will also protect him from scratches and cuts that are bound to appear on his body when you take him outdoors, as an effect to the boxer’s combination of playing enthusiasm and his short coat of hair that offers little to no protection.
keeping boxer dogs wam winter
Choosing the right clothing to keep your boxer dog warm during the winter is also very important. For example, fleece vests will keep your boxer warm and comfortable during cold and windy weather, but it won’t do too much good on a rainy or snowy day. In this case, a nylon vest (or some similar material) is more appropriate in stopping the rain drops or snow flakes from reaching your boxer’s skin.

Another thing that you should be mindful about when choosing his clothing is that it needs to fit tightly on him, or there’s a chance it will fall off in all the commotion caused by the boxer’s energetic way of playing.

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The second problem that you will encounter, is keeping your boxer warm during the winter while indoors. Although the indoor temperature might be comfortable for you, take note that your boxer is more sensitive and he might still be cold. If you have a heating system installed in your home that allows setting different temperatures levels in different parts of the house, you might want to turn it up a notch in the room where your boxer is sleeping. Otherwise, you could tuck him in a blanket or two or even set up a small “bed” for him to keep him warm during the night.

Keeping your boxer dog warm during the winter should be a top priority, since the risk of him or her getting a cold is a lot higher than with other dogs. However, you shouldn’t neglect his need to go outside and play just because you are afraid he might get a cold.

Exercise and playtime are two essential elements in a boxer’s life and they should never be omitted from his daily schedule. Rather than simply not taking him outside, it’s best to spend a bit more cash and get some nice, warm clothes for him.

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