John doe Boxer beagle

by Melissa
(Staten Island NY)

Jonh Doe

Jonh Doe

My dog is very stubborn, he gets very angry out of nowhere, hes selfish. Hes completely dominant over my other dog. Hes very playful but in a bad way. He bites to much when he plays and hurts really bad, he jumps all the time all over people. Believe it or not he loves to push people.

I know that sounds kind of silly but every time your walking he will run full speed into your back to push. He loves to be dirty and get other people dirty. HE rolls around in mud all day. Once he saw a huge puddle of mud he went flying into it and came out now i was looking for him and i saw him out of the puddle as soon as i got there to grab his collar he jumped right in the mud as soon as i bent down.

I got mud all over my snow white pants and hair. He was abandoned so we named him John Doe because no one knew where he came from. Need a lot of patience but in general i love this dog to death.

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