How Do I Know if My Boxer is Pregnant?

Boxer’s usually won’t show signs of pregnancy till the third or fourth week. Some early signs are that you will see they have larger breasts and the teats will be harder. Another sign is that their vulva stays swollen after heat ends. They may have also have morning sickness after two weeks or so ( try giving them a couple of saltines after).

The most obvious change is the one you will see in their temperament. They will have a lot less energy and will generally be very quiet. They can also be more loving or moody. You will definitely see a huge jump in their appetite. They can possibly eat as much as 3 times more than normal.

Unless you are an experienced breeder it is important that you consult a vet if you think your boxer is pregnant. They should give you boxer a through check up to make sure they are even healthy enough to have a pregnancy. After that you should map out a plan for the pregnancy with you vet.

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