Introducing male boxer to female boxer

I have a 6yr old male boxer and my friend just got a 2 yr old female boxer. We tried to introduce them today at the female house, my male moving his tail and we let them get close so that their faces were touching.

The female wanted to play and my male wanted to sniff. A few times my male snapped at he, her owner would pull her away. We tried a few more times but my male actually stopped moving his tail.

Should I have the female have her way and I hold my male back? Or just forget the whole thing.. I really would like them to play and be friends.. Need help in CT.


First the obvious, they should both be spayed or neutered. It's actually easier usually for a male and female boxer to get along than two of the same sex. Having said that here are few tips for a boxer introduction:

1. You and the other owner must be calm and relaxed. Dogs do take their cues from us. If you or your friend are anxious about the meeting, the dogs will sense it. They will take it that they need to be worried or fearful.

2. A few snaps or growls are normal. Just their way of getting to know each other Keep them both on a tight leash though. If one gets too aggressive pull them back. They need to remember that your in charge.

3. Be patient.

They may have to meet a few times before they are friendly. If their behavior gets better around each other give them more leash and eventually none.

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Feb 12, 2013
need help NEW
by: Anonymous

We did the same thing, I have a rescue boxer about 3to4 years of age,he's been with me for about two years now,I just got a rescue female about 9 months...we did the meet and greet with them..all was going well... then it turn into one of the biggest dog fights I've ever seen....and now she fights with every dog she meets...Its at a point that she has to stay away from all dogs... please any sugguestion to solve this problem.Or I will have to rehome her...thats not what I want....PLease HELP!!!

Jan 11, 2011
just relax
by: Anonymous

In short you must just don't need to do anything. Just relax your selves guys. The boxer could do things in a better way.

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