Hannah Belle ... Fawn and White

by Penny`

Ben and Hannah

Ben and Hannah

I got Hannah for my husband because he was suffering from PTSD from being in Iraq and what he went through over there. He had Boxers growing up and would talk endlessly about them and Hannah was just what he needed to bring him out of his depression! She's been great "therapy" for him...a true blessing.

Hannah LOVES counter surfing. Her favorite game is "glove attack" or "sock attack" where we put a glove or sock on our hand and see how long it takes her to remove it while we "attack" her... though that was not such a good idea, in retrospect, because our gloves and socks end up stockpiled outside in the huge hole she has dug in the yard. We go check the hole on a weekly basis for our stuff...lol. Hannah has a strong mothering instinct, even though she has never had babies. She lets us know when the water and food bowls are getting low by pushing on hard on them so they topple and make noise. And its not so much that she is hungry or thirsty but so it will be there if any of the other dogs need it. Once she sees up fill them up, she turns and walks away, satisfied.

Hannah Banana is a cuddler as she likes to sleep by me at night and bury her head under my arm. She talks like Chewy from Star Wars, and loves to turn upside down on the couch with her booty in the air and scoot herself across the couch in that position. She whines when she doesn't get her way...a true pouter.

Her best friend is a 1/2 pit named, Maya, whom she believes is her child. She grooms her, makes sure she does what we want her to do, and if she misbehaves, Hannah makes sure she knows she stepped out of line and Maya is a Hannah-wanna-be so it works out well.

They truly love each other and have separation anxiety if they are apart as they are the greatest of buddies!

Hannah really brought my husband out of his shell and to life again and for that, I will forever be grateful. We love her unconditionally!

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