German Boxer Dogs: The Information You Need To Know

german boxer dogs
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What are German Boxer dogs?

Did you know that there are three main types of dogs encompassed within the Boxer breed today? As with other breeds, there are slight accepted and official variations in existence. American, British and German Boxers are all encompassed within the Boxer breed but have very real differences that allow you to tell them apart. These differences have been identified and documented over the years and are currently upheld by the Kennel Clubs in existence around the world.

The German variation of the three is the oldest of the Boxer breed as that is where they actually originated from hundreds of years ago. German Boxers were introduced during the era of feudalism in Germany for hunting purposes as that was one of the main professions back then. It was a direct descendant of the mastiff and was effectively bred to be able to detain all sorts of creatures by clamping the jaw around them until its master arrived. Although the Boxer served this purpose well, it also readily became a firm family favorite as a result of its easy disposition and fun loving nature. It was not until the 1880s that German Boxer dogs were introduced into England and it would be a further forty years until the breed was taken across the Atlantic to the United States.

With German Boxers being of the original breeding, they have changed little over time. Aside from being slightly taller than the 17th Century dogs, they look the same as they always did. However, UK and US Boxers have been bred to conform to the breed standard, which has changed over the years, incorporating a number of changes that have ensured the three variants can easily be told apart.

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German Boxer dogs can be told apart from the other two variants via one obvious and two not so obvious areas of their appearance. The obvious difference is the general size. The German Boxer has a larger frame and so is slightly taller. The bone structure has altered little over the years and thus this trait is easy to identify. They are taller and, some say, have a better posture as a result of their somewhat regal appearance.

The two other differences between German Boxer dogs and those native to the UK and United States are only slight and so you would have to look closely for them. The first is that the nose is slightly shorter and thus generally smaller. This gives the face a quirk that seems to add a little more character. The second is that the thighs are slightly wider. This is because it made hunting easier for the breed and has not been changed over the years by Boxer breeders.

German Boxer dogs may not be as common as their English and American counterparts but that does not stop them being popular house pets today. Very few are used for hunting purposes anymore but it cannot be denied that they are still fantastic dogs for any purpose they are asked to fulfill as a result of their need to please. They are indeed handsome, intelligent and make excellent pets.

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