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Why Fawn Boxer Dogs? If you are considering getting a dog or are looking to learn more about them then the likelihood is that you are examining various breeds and doing a little research about all of the breeds that take your eye. One of those on your list should be the fawn Boxer dog, or any Boxer dog for that matter! Although there are several colors associated with the Boxer, including white and brindle, fawn Boxers are the most common. They have absolutely beautiful coloring but there is far more to them than meets the eye.

Choosing a Boxer dog as a pet is a huge decision to make because they do not suit everyone. If you were looking for a sweet and loving dog then the Boxer would be perfect or you, but if you want that dog to be quiet and sedate then fawn Boxer dogs are most definitely not an ideal choice. They are incredibly energetic and delightfully playful. Their energy seemingly knows no bounds and any Boxer would be happy going for long walks and then playing some more within your home. However, that also makes them a handful! Boxer dogs are indeed incredibly sweet, loving and loyal though so after your Boxer has had enough of playing or the day then you could expect many cuddles and a lot of attention.

Although fawn Boxers do have a lot of health problems connected to their breeding, this will not affect their lust for life. They are irrepressible puppies, regardless of health difficulties, and so will continue to bound around for as long as they are physically able to do so. An example of this is the fact that Boxers can be incredibly nosy and thus time consuming because you do need to keep them occupied. If you fail to do that then they will go looking for their own entertainment.

Although all of the above character traits are written with fawn Boxer dogs in mind, they also apply to brindle and white Boxers as well. The Boxer dog has the same irrepressible nature regardless of coat coloring. However, it is essential to discuss the main difference anyway.

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The only difference between the fawn Boxers and their white and brindle counterparts is the fact that their coat is a little different. Their fur can be anything from a soft golden color to a deep red, incorporating tones of mahogany, tan, yellow and deer red amongst others. As with human hair, it varies completely from one dog to the next. Along with the shade of fawn, they may also have black markings around the nose and white flash markings on their belly, head, legs, feet and chest. However, the white markings will not cover a third or more of the coat because that is the threshold at which they become considered white.

A Boxer is a wonderful pet. Loving, sweet and full of life, it is an amazing breed. Whether you choose one of the fawn Boxer dogs or one of another color coat, you will definitely take home man’s best friend.

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