Eye diseases in boxers

by Irene
(Knoxville, TN)

We have as 12 yr old female reverse brindle boxer. Her eyes started tearing and getting very cloudy. We took her to the vet & he said it could be Boxer Glycauma which could be fatal, but I cant find anything about it.

Did I write the incorrect information down? What could this be? He has given us a series of drops to give her and they don't seem to be helping, they seem to be making it worse. Suggestions?

Cloudy eyes are a sign of Glaucoma. It could also be a sign of certain infections. Canine Lymphoma, which is common boxers can also occur in the eye.

You should listen to your vet. Continue to give her whatever droops your vet persribed.

If you want to get a second opinion or just to ease your mind. You should try Ask a Vet.

Some good articles on this subject:


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