An Introduction To The English Boxer Dog

An Introduction To The English Boxer Dog

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The English Boxer dog is an amazing breed of dog and one that is rightly one of the favorite pets to own in all dog loving countries. Playful and engaging, the English Boxer dog is a fabulous pet that has so many lovely characteristics that it blows many other breeds out of the water but, despite this, many people do not know nearly enough about the breed to make an informed decision to get one. The information here will give you all of the basics and ensure that you have enough at hand to make an informed decision when it comes to getting your new dog.

The Appearance

The English Boxer is a very distinctive breed in terms of its looks. With a short and fine coat, short snout, small ears and large eyes, the Boxer is absolutely adorable to look at and looks as if he or she has a permanent smile when panting.

Although the breed first came from Germany, there are several distinct types and the English Boxer differs from its peers in terms of its size. Slightly bigger than the American Boxer, the English breed stands at 25 inches at the withers for males and 23 inches for females on average. They also weigh anything up to around 80lbs and so are considered large dogs rather than being classified as medium as American Boxers are.

The Temperament

The English Boxer has a lovely temperament. The breed is incredibly playful, energetic and active so it is ideal for a lively home and owners that love to take long walks with their furry friends. Although they can be a little boisterous, they are relatively easy to train because they do take a lot of information on board very quickly and are eager to please. This is just one of the reasons why they are incredibly well suited to home with children as well as other pets.

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Nothing seems to phase the English Boxer, but that is not to say that there are no negatives in the Boxer personality. The main one is perhaps that the breed gets board very easily and will chew anything in sight in a quest to find amusement. This is also true of Boxers left on their own for excessive periods of time because they do suffer with separation anxiety. If you can give your English Boxer dog a lot of time though you will find that he or she will give more love than you imagined possible.

Special Requirements

There are only a few special requirements relating to the English Boxer. The first is that you will need a lot of room because of the playful nature and general size of the Boxer. You never know how lively they get until you have one and it can be quite frightening in a small space. However, this is not the only consideration.

Health is another factor that should be noted with the English Boxer dog because there are plenty of health complaints associated with the breed. Plenty of information can be found online but the life expectancy is only 8 to 10 years. As such, you should make the most of every moment with one of the most loving breeds around – the English Boxer dog!

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