by Kim

Hi Everyone- I am by nature a St. Bernard person but this last year after loosing my best friend and therapy St. I had decided to try a boxer. This breed is amazing!

I also have horses and if a boxer where to be compared to a breed of horse it would be either a mule or an Arabian! I can tell you that the change from St. to Boxer has been an eye opener and an extreme change to my house!!!

This breed is one of the smartest breeds I have ever owned! and very frustrating at times especially during the 5-10 month period of his life!

His name is Duc (duck) he is named after the Ducati -- I wanted a name that is fun-short and not a name that showed any relationship to a mean-tough dog or pitbull- He is now a year old and my best friend- He reads my mind more than my husband can. This breed reminds me of a cat in the way they keep themselves groomed so if you dont like the hair or smell issue of some breeds this is a great selling point.

I learn something new from Duc everyday. He pouts- he is verbal and sometimes it sounds as if he is saying momma- he can talk with his eyes- he even can lock doors! amazing but not funny when you get locked outside. There is so much to say about this breed.

I have learned and am still learning from Duc. I can tell you when "training" boxers ( I think they train you) you have to find very unconventional ways to get your point across to them!

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Jun 14, 2011
by: laurie Jurgens

It sounds like you are quickly learning about this breed! We have had boxers for over 30 years and it's the only breed of dog my husband will allow. They are so similar to humans in their way of communicating and "manipulating".
We have 2 right now, the latest being a female we added a year ago and I had forgotten how much more obedient the girls are. Maggie is the love of my life and even though she frustrates me, we are best friends ;-)

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