Drayko my brindle baby

by Kaitlin



Well lets see... I got Drayko when he was 6 weeks old 4yrs ago. I fell i love with his color & charm & him as a whole. He became a very big part of this family & means the world to me. My grandmother said that he had to be an outside dog.

Well all four yrs he has slept with her pretty much every night. She is the one that buys him all of his treats & spoils him rotten!! But he loves it & it makes us all happy! He was so much fun & made us laugh so hard all the time. He loved going outside playing in the snow & with other dogs. Walks or runs or hikes everyday! He brought laughter & so much love into all of our lives.

He was my friend & we did everything together. He wouldn't let you leave the house unless he was with you & if he couldn't go he would stand up & look out the window & watch you leave! We were blessed to have him. He listened very well & was a very good dog.. He trained easy but still would jump the fence to play with other dogs!!He was smart fun caring loving happy beautiful everyones friend scared of the dark never barked always smiling lots of energy loved to give you kisses(i miss those) kind of dog.

Sadly he passed away a month ago from heart failure. He was born on April 23rd 2005 & died April 23rd 2009 the day he turn four:( He is missed a lot & i thought i would post something on here about my wonderful dog named Drayko! Its not much but its something we love him & miss him terribly.

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Jul 09, 2009
we share the same sad story
by: john

your drayko story broght tears to my eyes & deep happy & sad memories to me .

same like you i brought LION to my house (in Lebanon) when he had only 1 month .
for me & my wife Lion was a family mostly our Son.we shared happiness,love,good & bad live times .

Lion was born 1st April 2000 ,he traveled with us to Ghana (west africa) where we spent together 2 years.

after coming back to lebanon i had to travel again to Qatar where rules don't allow some dog speicies to join the country thus i left the country after 1 year(2006) since i could not leave Lion & i missed him a lot.

but after i returned to my country i found out that Lion was badly & seriously affected by my absence after 6 months he was parallised but my wife was taking care of him & he lived 3 years as a parallised dog on our bed in our bedroom where i have to give my place to him.

in 8 february 2009 Lion passed out & left us with Happy memories but sad & empty house.

May 25, 2009
brindle angel
by: Anonymous

wow, what a beautiful story about your boxer, Drayko. I must say it brought me to tears because we have 3 boxers in our family. I have a reverse brindle named Louis. (Louie) and my son has a flashy fawn named Kuma, my daughter also has a flashy fawn named Bentley. We just love boxers, obviously! Your Drayko looks a little like my boxer, Louis. I can relate to those constant kisses and such love and affection you got from him. I am sad to hear that you only had him for 4 years though, but you will always have those wonderful memories of him. thanks for sharing your story about your boxer.

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