DIXIE; Fawn Boxer

by Melissa
(South Carolina)

Dixie is a wonderful dog,everyone loves her so much.She has given our family lots of laughs,love,and protection.Dixie is very protective of our nine year old daughter she goes everywhere with her.

She is not viscous in no way,but if she feels that Hailey is hurt she will not leave her side.Dixie loves to go fishing and swimming.She loves to play basketball with the neighborhood kids,they love to play with her as well.Dixie can bounce the basketball with her front paws,so funny to watch.

She also loves to jump on the trampoline,Dixie is very full of energy.But at night time when she goes to sleep she sleeps really hard.We love her very,very much and hope that she will be a part of our family for many more years!

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