diet for boxers

How often and how much should boxers be fed?

That really depends on how old your boxer is. For a puppy under 2-6 months old you should be feeding them 3 times a day. At 6 months to a year you can move to two meals a day. Once your boxer is year old you can start getting them used to one meal a day (plus the occasional doggie treats). It is best for your boxer dog if you feed them at the same scheduled time(s).

As for how much to feed them, an midsized dog like an adult boxer should be eating about 3.75-5 cups of dog food a day. Puppies have greater nutritional needs as they're still growing. So they can eat as much as one and half times this amount.

The numbers here are based on dry dog food, so they might vary depending on what your feeding your boxer.

A great guide for giving your boxer a healthy diet is Dog Food Secrets.

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