Daisy Mae

by Ann Paclik
(Austin, TX)

Daisy is a 50 lb rescue who we have had since she was about a year and a half, 5 years in spring 2012. She is currently a Therapy PetPal of Texas and loves her co-volunteers and new friends she meets at the hospital while giving them a 'smoosch."
She is a great 'sister-moma' to our 3 year old 88 pound boxer boy and two kitties. She will become a new sister-moma to a new baby family addition soon.

Daisy loves walks, kiddos and playing with other dogs, she is cute when she boxes while playing and enjoys 'aawwwhhhoooooiinnnnnnnnggg' back and forth with her daddy Michael or anyone who will 'awwhhooooo' with her. She loves to snuggle and snuffle with anyone who will let her.

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