Caught, Boxer first, then husband, not good

by Brenda
(Poconos, PA)

I lost my mom, best friend of 30 years and our faithful 14 year old lab in less then a years time. I was broken. I went to work and not much else other then cry a lot, and one of those crying moments I realized I was sobbing into a stuffed puppy,

I suddenly knew I was dealing with my losses in a unhealthy way and that stuffed puppy I was holding was the key, i needed a new faithful best friend, When i talked to my husband about a puppy he wasn't for it cause the loss of our pet hurt yet. I knew and felt this was the right thing to do for our family.

I went online looking for boxer breeders cause that was our breed of dogs in my parents home growing up and i loved them. Before long i was on my way to amish country where i found on line the puppy that won my heart, I fell in love with that boxer puppy as soon as i held her, her name is Jessie lee, or as i call her, my sunshine.

Once at home, it didn't take her long to work her magic and she put laughter where there was sadness, her silly antics, cuddly ways, comical expression and her ability to suck up when she was naughty made her more then the apple in my eye, she is my pampered go everywhere together buddy. At the time I got Jessie we had a answering machine

In our bedroom, right off the living room, you could hear who was on it thru the door. I always got home before my husband but i would call his cell and leave a message that i was on my home. I had noticed before that Jess would perk up and dance around if she heard our voices on the machine

So i started to call the answering machine every day to say Jessie baby, its me momma , watch for me girl, I am on my home, love ya. it made my co workers laugh when they found out I would call my dog and leave a message, I truly didn't think anything would come of that, but it did.

In order to get to my driveway you come off the main road where my living room is and go to the back alley to our driveway, well soon I started noticing Jessie was at the back door standing on her back legs barely able to see out when i got out of my truck, ah, how cute, she did this everyday now. wow, can she tell time.

My son answered that, he was home from work one day and he heard answering machine go off, and he heard a commotion in the living room, he quietly went to look, and he watched it all unfold, i was leaving Jessie a message saying Jessie baby, mommas on her way home, watch for me, love you, my son watched Jessie jumping around in front of my closed bedroom door whining as she heard my voice, then when it stopped she went over to the recliner that is in front of the window that faces the main road, she propped herself up against the back rest with her head on the very top giving her room to be able to wiggle the curtains so she could look out the window, my amazed son just stayed back to see what was up.

Jessie didn't even know he was there, it takes me about 15 minutes to get home so it didn't take long for my son to figure out jessies plan, He watched minutes later from the shadows how jessies head and body stood straight up and she was so excited, she is crying and whining as she dove off the chair and she runs to the back door that faces driveway, up on her back legs she goes and she is scratching at the window pane, now son knows, I was home.

She figured out my voice on machine really meant I was coming home and she started watching for me and when I turned off to go in back is when she went to the back door to wait for me. She did this every time after that, how long before, I don't know, but as cute and heartwarming that it was it also got me in trouble with my husband.

If you remember I got home before hubby but always called and left a message for him too, but I got caught, after work I called answering machine and started to leave my usual message for Jessie, I just started message with Jessie baby when my husband picked up the house phone yelling "I ALWAYS WONDERED WHO YOU CALLED FIRST , ME OR THE DOG' and he hung up.. I no longer have an answering machine, but all anyone of us has to say is go watch for mommy, or daddy or Kris, and she is up on recliner, then at the back door looking out, Now no matter what kind of day you had, seeing her barely being able to see out the window just warms your heart.

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