Carly (Fawn) & Bella Sera (Reverse Brindle)

by Lynn
(Nashua, NH)

Carly & Bella Sera

Carly & Bella Sera

Carly is seven. She is very delicate and calm. Loves to play with her jolly ball and will hunt it down no matter where is has landed. She is devoted and loves to snuggle under the blankets with you. Her cousin, Bella Sera is 3 and has a very high strung personality.

Very opinionated, she is truly an individual who wants it her way and is self centered. Demanding in her attention, wanted to be first for everything, her spirit is energizing as her cousin Carly allows her to be at the front. Bella Sera is glued to Carly's side and will choose to stay with Carly versus be with her owners. Bella is the protector and demands attention.

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