Introducing Brindle Boxer Dogs: Coloring And Characteristics

brindle boxer dogs

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Brindle boxer dogs are one of the most common types of boxers. If you know anything about dog breeds then you will know that some breeds seemingly have one defining fur colour associated with them. For example, the Jack Russell is white and black, the Rottweiler is black and tan and the Border Collie is black and white. However, the Boxer dog is very different.

There are three accepted colours – brindle, fawn and white. Brindle Boxers are not as well known as their fawn counterparts but are an extremely interesting variation of the breed purely and simply because of the colour of the coat and the two variations of the colour that exist.

Brindle Boxers are essentially fawn Boxers with black stripes on their coats. The fawn is, more often than not, clearly visible beneath the striping but the black provides a nice contrast and gives the fur a little character. In order to be classed as a brindle, the individual Boxer has to have clearly defined stripes on the fur. If he or she has flecks then he or she is classed as fawn instead. However, if several stripes are visible then the dog in question would fit within the breed standard. The stripes can be anywhere on the body but they more often than not cover at least the back and the hips.

Brindle Boxer dogs do have a breed standard that they have to conform to, as set by Kennel Clubs all over the world. The standard has not changed for some years now and is unlikely to in the future. It does make provision for brindling. The fawn fur is beneath the black stripes as a result of the genetic makeup of the breed but the two elements should clearly contrast. This is interpreted in different ways but the general accepted standard is that the fawn comes through the striping clearly so as to give the impression of a brownish coat. However, if excessive striping is present and the fawn is barely visible then brindle Boxer dogs have a reverse brindle fur.

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Reverse brindle Boxer dogs are commonly mistaken for black Boxers, which do not actually exist. The genetics of the Boxer are such that there is no gene for complete black fur in the breed but excessive striping may make it seem like the coat is a block colour rather than striped. If you look closely then you may be able to see fawn fur but it may only be here and there because the stripes tend to merge into one. This does not confirm to breed standard but there are many Boxers around with this kind of colouring.

No matter what the nature of the coat on brindle Boxer dogs, they all make great pets. The fawn fur does tend to be a little more desirable but brindle Boxers are just as beautiful and display the same loving and loyal character traits. The coat makes no impact on the nature of the breed at all. As such, you could not wish for a better pet!

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