Common Boxer Skin Problems And Solutions

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Boxer skin problems are well documented in various magazines and on various websites these days. As the Boxer is well known for its overriding health problems, it is important to find out all about the boxer skin problems that the breed faces in order to make sure that you know enough to spot problems as and when they occur as well as being able to prevent them as far as possible.

After all, they may be much more serious than you think they are. We associate skin problems with acne, dryness and other similar problems that we suffer from but common boxer dog skin problems are far worse than that so read on to find out more.

The Five Most Common Skin Problems in Boxers

The five most common boxer skin problems are as follows:

1. Cutaneous Asthnia – This is a common problem and one that is relatively easy to treat. The skin appears to be very stretchy and tears easily. You may notice that your Boxer has a lot of cuts and abrasions for no apparent reason.

2. Fibrosarcoma – This is one of the cancerous skin problems and occurs on the legs in most cases, although it can sometimes form elsewhere on the body. Surgery will solve the problem but it may occur again within 12 months.

3. Mastocytoma – These are cancerous tumours and will appear on any given area of the body, including on the organs as well as on the surface of the skin. You will usually find them on the thigh. They can be removed with surgery.

4. Dermoid Cyst – This is when cysts appear along the back, nose, tail or tongue. As cysts, they are benign but will need to be removed in order to make sure that they do not turn cancerous at a later date. The lesions may occur just once or in groups but you will need to have them checked out.

5. Histiocytoma – Unlike the above cysts, these tumours appear on the head and neck. Again, they are benign and are not painful at all but they do appear very quickly and require immediate treatment because they will not respond to chemotherapy if they turn cancerous, which they inevitably do. The initial treatment is medication and they are generally responsive to that in mild cases but if left too long the condition will be fatal.

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Recognition, Prevention And Solution

Now you may not ever have heard of the terms listed above as skin problems but you do need to be aware of what they look like and the symptoms outlined because this will help you to recognize the problem as soon as it arises. No matter which one of the above you find on your Boxer, you will have to seek treatment immediately to improve the chances of a full recovery.

The veterinarian will be able to formulate the best possible treatment program for the appropriate skin problems.Although most of the skin problems above are genetic, you can make sure that you do your best to help prevent and diagnose.

You may also want to try an all natural remedy like PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic to help promote skin health.

They all require vigilance to catch them early but you can make sure that your Boxer stays out of the sun, gets a balanced diet and is not around anyone smoking. All of these precautions will help you to avoid Boxer skin problems.

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