My Boxer Dogs is Shaking, What do I do?

There could be two possible causes for the shaking. It could either be mild seizures or head tremors. Boxer dogs can have epilepsy just like people and it can be harmful. There is medication but it can ineffective or dangerous for dogs. Some vets are too quick to prescribe it and mistake head tremors for epilepsy.

Head tremors are very common in breeds like boxers, bulldogs, and dobermans. Head tremors aren't really dangerous there more of an annoyance to your boxer. They're often caused by a deficiency in calcium and glucose. You can counteract the symptoms by giving your boxer dog some karo syrup, peanut butter, ice cream or frozen vanilla yogurt with honey.

You should consult your vet whatever the cause of this might be. Before you go to the vet be prepared. Write down what part of the body shakes, how often it shakes, and for how long. Take note of where it happens and what fabrics are near the dog. Also be sure to mention if their has been any change in your boxer dogs diet.

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