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All boxer owners recall the day they got their boxer puppy as an extremely pleasant one. Nothing compares to bringing in a new, extremely cute, fun member inside your family, knowing he’s going to grow up as one of the most beautiful, noble, intelligent and loyal dogs you could find. But getting a new boxer puppy raises an entire gamma of questions, ranging from “What breeder am I going to get my pup from?”, “What behavior and health problems should I look for when selecting one?”, “What will be the name for my boxer dog?” to “How should I raise my new pup?”. Let’s try and find the answer to some of these questions.

First of all, you need to be aware that there’s an entire industry revolving around boxer puppies. When a well-bred boxer puppy reaches a price tag of $500, people will try to make a profit out of it. Unfortunately, some breeders care little for the health, condition or quality of these pups and simply breed away for the money. This can lead to unhealthy puppy boxer dogs, cross-breeds and severe modifications in the boxer’s behavioral patterns. The reason for this is that crooked and unethical breeders purposely avoid those costly health tests that any pup should take, only to increase their profit.

The unaware client buys the boxer puppy, without knowing that his parents had suffered from a heart condition for example and that the pup has a high chance of developing one as well. So make sure that when going out to get a new boxer puppy, you look for reputable breeders that can present you with proof of his good health and pure family tree.

Once you find such a reputable breeder and you make sure that the boxer pup’s health condition is ok, it’s time to select one. Most breeders have a large variety of choices, in what regards both the pup’s looks and his probable behavior. Regarding color, you basically have two choices: brindle and white.

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White boxers are rarer (only around 20-25% of the total boxer population of today) and they might have a more noble look but they also need more bathing and are inappropriate for some jobs, such as police work. If you buy them as a family pet, that shouldn’t be a problem though. Brindle boxer puppies look cuter but they are not as “unique” as white ones.

Regardless of the color you prefer, this choice won’t be even close in importance as the one regarding the boxer pup’s behavior. The behavior of a dog will be influenced heavily by his education, but he will also inherit some traits from his parents. So if both parents were aggressive dogs, the boxer pup’s aggressive side is bound to be “activated” quicker. To the same extent, if both parents were fun, enthusiastic, playable dogs, the pup has every chance to becoming a constant source of entertainment for your family, as well as a reliable play partner.

Last but not least, you’ll have to choose a name for your new boxer puppy. If you lack the inspiration in choosing a name for your boxer, there are plenty of sites that give you a helping hand in this regard. Most sites that suggest names for boxer dogs focus on names of great fighters, a few of the most popular examples being “Tyson”, “Cassius”, “Ali” and so forth.

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Got a Question About Boxer Dogs? Just Ask!

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