Boxer Guard Dogs

Few know that the boxer guard dogs comes from a strange combination of two largely different breeds, the Belgian Brabanter Bullenbeisser and the English Bulldog. The Brabanter Bullenbeisser was a strong, agile hunting dog quite similar to the modern boxer, but with a more aggressive personality and less adaptable to other uses than hunting, fighting or working.

The English Bulldog makes a great guard dog even today and it was from this combination of traits that the boxer rose as one of the best guard dogs around. Having boxer guard dogs is a great way to protect your property, your family and ultimately, your personal health.

But what makes boxers such great guard dogs? After all, there are other equally adaptable, or intelligent, or loyal, or fearless dogs out there that could very well handle the role of being a guard dog. Indeed, there are several breeds that possess and excel in one of these traits, but it’s the boxer that excels in ALL of them. If trained correctly and if their aggressive side is “activated”, a boxer can make a fierce guard dog.

Boxers are well know for being among the bravest breeds of dogs, so you don’t really have to worry about them “not backing you up” in case of danger. Added to this fact, they are extremely loyal and protective so there’s little one could offer them that they “betray” you.

Most boxer dog owners have related that they feel like their dog has a sixth sense about people, being a very good judge of character. This is an extremely important trait for a guard dog as well as with police dogs, where intuition is the key to success.

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Another thing people usually worry about when getting a boxer as a guard dog is that training them to be a bit more aggressive could be a potential danger to their own health, or to their family (especially to small children). Although this is the case with some other breeds (indeed, some breeds are known to respond in a negative fashion even towards family members when trained to be aggressive), it’s far from the truth with boxers as guard dogs.

As stated earlier, being an extremely loyal dog, there’s little concern that the boxer will use his aggressive training towards you or your loved ones. Atop all of this, boxers don’t have the pet specific “jealousy” against children which makes other breeds behave aggressively or even attack smaller family members that get too much attention at their loss. This is why it's great to have boxer guard dogs.

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