Boxer Dog Rescue and Adoption

boxer dog rescue
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What is Boxer Dog Rescue and Adoption?

Boxer dogs are known to be among some of the most intelligent breeds of our times, but sometimes this intelligence is not in their own interest, since it makes them extremely explorative and curious about the surroundings. This trait, combined with the unawareness of their owners, can get the boxers lost, especially in urban areas where their natural instincts are reduced, thus making it harder for them to find their way home. Boxer dog rescue and adoption centers help find these lost dogs as well as take in stray dogs that they find and take care of them until their owners are found or until someone adopts them.

How do Boxer Rescue and Adoption centers work?

Most of these boxer rescue centers are non-profit and live out of charity funds, individual funds or voluntary work. These centers hire people or find volunteers that act as dog catchers and look for stray and lost dogs in the surrounding area. Most of them also have a constant communication with local institutions that might get calls about these lost dogs, if not having their own special line where people can call and report such findings.

Once a dog is found, he is taken in at the center and usually quarantined in a special cell until all health tests have been made on him, so that he doesn’t spread any disease among his newfound fellow canine friends. If no ID of the dog or no clue to whom the owners might be is found, the boxer is put up for adoption and is taken care of until his rightful owner picks him up or until someone adopts him.

This whole process is quite costly and without a solid funding many boxer rescue centers were forced to release dogs back out in the streets after a few weeks of unsuccessful adoptions or the lack of any form of contact with the boxer dog’s owner.

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Why do Boxer Rescue centers do what they do?

Well, for some, it’s simply a job, because they’re getting paid for it while others do it simply out of love for boxers and dogs in general. Since most of these boxer rescue and adoption centers are non-profit it’s understandable that they function out of the goodwill of an individual or a group of well-intentioned individuals. If a particular town is dealing with a growing vagabond dog problem, the local authorities might also appoint such a boxer rescue and adoption center to “clean the streets”, providing a better care of the canines at the same time.

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Where can I find such a Boxer Rescue and Adoption center?

There are virtually thousands of such centers around the World, so compiling a list with all of them would be nearly impossible. In the United States, all states have at least one such boxer dog rescue and adoption center, their exact whereabouts being easier to find on the Internet. Actually, the World Wide Web is emerging as one of the main connection paths between boxer dog rescue centers and owners of lost dogs, so it’s here that you should start the search for the nearest boxer dog rescue and adoption center.

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