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My boxer puppy keeps going inside the house, what do I do?

What is the ideal temperature For boxer dogs?

How do I know if my boxer is pregnant?

My boxer dog won't listen to commands, what do I do?

My boxer dog is shaking, what do I do?

My boxer dog is itching a lot, what do I do?

My boxer dog has separation anxiety, what should I do?

My boxer dog has a lot of gas, what should I do?

My boxer dogs eyes are watering, what do I do?

My male boxer has swollen nipples, what do I do?

Do boxer dogs get along with other dogs?

Shorter Answers

Q: When will a female boxer puppy have her first heat?

A: A female boxer dog can have her first heat as early as 7 months old. Although it is not a good idea to consider breeding until she's at least 2 years old.

Q: When should I get my boxer dog spayed or neutered?

A: For a female boxer a lot of vets recommend you get her spayed before her first heat at around six months. This reduces the risk of complications and can help prevent breast cancer later on in life. There are differing opinions on this so consult your vet.

For neutering male boxer dogs the general consensus is at 3-6 months, before they hit puberty. Like in female's doing it early can reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

How long will my female boxer be in heat for?

The average is around 21 days. Although it can last aslong as 28 days. The cycle comes about every six months.

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