Hello and Welcome to the newest issue of "The Boxer Dog News"

First off some sad news, one of our readers has a boxer named Charley who is suffering from cancer. Fortunately he was accepted by The Magic Bullet fund, a great charity that helps raise funds for dogs with cancer.

If you'd like to help out Charley go to: The Magic Bullet fund. He is the fourth dog down, named Charley Johnson.

In this Newsletter:

I.Boxer Questions & Answers

II. Some New Pictures

III. A Funny Boxer Story

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I. Boxer Dog Questions & Answers

If you want to ask a question of your own go to: Boxer Dog Questions

1. Introducing a Male Boxer to a Female Boxer

Q: I have a 6yr old male boxer and my friend just got a 2 yr old female boxer. We tried to introduce them today at the female house, my male moving his tail and we let them get close so that their faces were touching.

The female wanted to play and my male wanted to sniff. A few times my male snapped at he, her owner would pull her away. We tried a few more times but my male actually stopped moving his tail.

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2. A Question about Separation Anxiety

Q: I have a 6 year old male boxer who tries to control my entire life! I've had him as a pet since he was 3 months old but he was going back and forth to the breeder for show training and became a champion at 3 years old. He is very lovable with no aggressive tendencies, weighs 90 lbs, and generally listens to commands like "sit" and "lay down".

However, he gets really anxious when he sees that I am leaving - following me from room to room and then when I open the door to leave he jumps on me and barks!

He also constantly whines - sits in front of me without taking his eyes off of me and annoys me with his whining and "pawing" until I take him out. If I'm on the phone or the phone rings, (I work from home) he gets up and comes over to start whining. I realize that I have played into this behavior....by allowing it, but what should I do to stop it???

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II. New Pictures

To Submit Your Own Pictures Go To: Boxer Dog Pictures Your Boxer could be featured in this newsletter or on the front page of our website.

1. Clyde a Young Fawn Boxer.

2. Wynsten a 5 Month Old White Boxer

3. Two Boxers Who Love Christmas

III. A Funny Boxer Story

If you'd like to submit a funny or interesting story about your boxer click here.

1. Today's story comes to us from Nick in Australia and his boxer Sassy who is quite the eater.

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