My boxer dog has a lot of gas, what should I do?

If your boxer dog is having a lot of gas it could be caused by several things:

1. What they are eating.

The most common cause is diet. A lot of times store bought foods with a lot of wheat or corn fillers can cause this problem. Try changing your boxer's diet to a better quality of food and see what happens.

Also you may want to try one of the many supplements available on the market that are designed to promote digestive health in dogs. Lastly avoid feeding your boxer any table scraps or an excessive amount of doggie treats.

2. How they are eating.

Boxer dogs have a deep chest which causes them to take in a lot of air when they gulp down their food. To avoid this their are several options.

You can feed them more times in smaller quantities. You can slow down their eating by using a partitioned bowl, inserting a large object in the middle, or spreading out their food on a pan. Also make sure they have plenty of water or try moistening their food a little with water.

3. Internal parasites

Boxers dogs are vulnerable to internal parasites like worms. These can often cause bad gas in your dog among other things. It's important to protect them from this kind of thing.

You can usually find the medicine to properly worm your boxer at the local feed store. In addition to this medication your should give you boxer dog a good bath. This will help get rid of any fleas that might be carrying worm eggs.

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