Boxer Dog Food: A Guide To Picking Quality Dog Food

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What's the right boxer dog food? If asked to, most people can come up with several jokes that they have heard about dog food, usually in relation to humans actually eating it, but if you think about them a little more they take on a deeper meaning. We are picky about the food we eat but most dog food jokes are based around the idea that any type of dog food is not fit for consumption. There are tips and tricks that can help you to find dog food that is of a high quality and fit for your Boxer dog to consume it. You can find a selection of them below so you will know exactly what to look for in dog food.

First of all, you need to consider what dog food your dog is currently eating. Experts agree that the composition of it should be about 40% meat, 10% carbohydrates and 50% vegetables. In that way, their diets are pretty much like ours. They need to be completely balanced to make sure that all of their nutritional needs are met and, believe it or not, most dog food brands do not offer that composition.

Instead, some offer sub standard quality and processed food that is full of preservatives and other horrible stuff that you would not even dream of eating. So why would you feed it to your dog? If you no longer want to then the following dog food tips will help you:

·Make your own Boxer dog food. Although this can be expensive if you do not have a good source of quality meat at a reasonable price, it is the best possible way for you to control exactly what your dog is eating. If you prepare it from scratch then you know what is in it.

·If you cannot afford to make your own Boxer dog food or do not have time then you should check the ingredients list. The rule is that the ingredients towards the top of the list are in the food at the highest quantities. Both meat and vegetables should be at the top of the list. The former should be within the first three ingredients in some way. If it is any lower down then do not buy it. Remember though commercial dog food can very bad for your dog, check out this video to learn more.

·A note related to the above is that some low quality foods list meat first but actually contain more in the way of fillers. If there is a meat first and then several filers following one after the other then leave it alone as these particular ratios compromise the quality.

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·Remember that a few preservatives in Boxer dog food are OK in order to keep it fresh and edible. However, you should never purchase any Boxer dog foods that contain chemicals as preservatives as they may be harmful. BHA, Ethoxyquin and BHT are examples of those to avoid. Vitamins C and E are used in the highest quality foods so look for them.

All of the above information will help you to find the best Boxer dog food for your pooch so make sure that you adhere to them in order to keep your dog in as good health as possible.

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