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boxer dog breeders
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You can find boxer dog breeders everywhere these days. From the point of view of the boxer’s popularity as a breed, it’s satisfying to see that an entire industry has formed around them. The same popularity however, gives out the chance for many crooked and unethical breeders to appear and stay in business, since their breeding habits are not necessarily illegal, but most often lack the necessary ethical parameters of this profession. After all, a breeder is handling life itself and nothing is worth more ethical verticality than life. Starting from this premise, we’ll talk about the positive and negative aspects of boxer dog breeding as well as how to choose the right breeder and spot the fakes.

Serious boxer dog breeders, despite what people think, don’t make enormous piles of money from their profession, unless they’re extremely popular and have a large pool of puppies. For a serious, ethical breeder, asking a price of $400 for a pup does not sound that much, given the fact that they have to spend a lot of that money on the different health tests, nutritional supplements and training that a quality boxer pup requires (not to mention the time required to breed them).

Unethical boxer dog breeders on the other hand, skip all these costs and will probably offer you a puppy at a slightly reduced price, but without any warranties that it will grow up to be healthy or having the right behavior. So given the fact that you get different quality pups for roughly the same prices, it’s important to spot the real breeders from the fakes.

When visiting a boxer dog breeder in order to buy a new pup, always ask him for the dog’s medical records as well as his or her parents’ ones. It’s well known that boxers have a tendency to develop heart ailments which are hereditary, so if one of the parents had heart problems, there’s an increased chance that the pup will have them too, later on. Any serious boxer dog breeder will be transparent about these records and if you see him trying to talk you out of seeing the records because “they guarantee the pup’s health” then it might be time to leave his office and look for a new breeder.

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Another thing that gets passed down from parent to pup is the boxer’s main behavioral traits. Of course, his adulthood personality will be heavily affected by your training and education, but it’s easier to train a boxer in one direction or another, if he has the right traits “in his blood”.

For example, if you want to make a good guard dog out of your pup, try finding one whose parents were used as guard dogs, their behavior being modeled to be more aggressive. Although this won’t mean the pup will be born with an aggressive nature, there’s a good chance that his aggressive side will be “activated” easier and he will learn how to become a good guard dog a lot faster.

Lastly, you should avoid the mistake of buying a pup from the first breeder that crosses your path. Although when seeing those cuddly, cute boxer puppies the temptation to buy one on the spot is huge, make sure you visit a couple more boxer dog breeders for a clearer view on what the market offers. Also, take a moment to realize that what you’re choosing now will be a member of your family for the next 10-12 years so you shouldn’t refrain yourself from spending that extra buck for getting the best of what you can find.

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Got a Question About Boxer Dogs? Just Ask!

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