Boxer Dog Behavior Problems

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If you ask any dog trainer or boxer owner about the breed’s behavior problems, they will probably tell you they’re incomparable in number and in magnitude to those of other breeds. Still, these problems exist, one of the main issues being that of aggressive boxer dogs.

Although they are naturally fun, enjoyable dogs that tend to be more emotional rather than tough, a boxer’s aggressive side is in them, waiting for the spark that would trigger it. Most people relate this to the fact that the boxer comes from two parent breeds that are quite aggressive in nature, the Brabanter Bullenbeisser and the English Bulldog (the first was especially aggressive, being mainly used as a hunting dog).

It doesn’t take much to spark this aggressive boxer dog problem either. If you play with your pup in an aggressive manner for example, pulling his ears, immobilizing and encouraging him to test his biting on your fingers, as well as ignoring to punish him when he’s overly aggressive while playing, there’s a high chance that he will grow up an aggressive boxer dog (which could be good if you need him as a guard or attack dog, but would be disastrous if you need a fun, loving family pet).

Female boxers are also reportedly more aggressive than males. The female boxer’s personality is a lot more complex than that of the male, the latter being more loving and “in-your-face” than the female, which can have drastic mood swings and even keep her emotions to herself on many occasions.

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Females are also more defiant and they tend to feel the need to dominate everyone around them. They are especially aggressive towards other females, regardless if they’re also boxers or of a different breed. It’s also not recommended to upset your female boxer during, or shortly after birth, as they are very protective about their litter and might bite or try to scare you away, even if you’re familiar with each other (but this is not a boxer behavior problem specifically, but rather a general one with pregnant bitches of any breed).

Besides the problem of aggressive boxer dogs, the breed also has some behavioral problems with their own independence. Being one of the most intelligent breeds out there, the boxer might use his smarts in a way that might not be totally to your liking. His need for independence, or the need for dominance, especially with females, is such an example of miss-used wits and brains.

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