A Quick Introduction To Boxer Dog Allergies

We humans are not the only living beings that suffer from allergies these days. In fact, any living creature can suffer from allergic reactions to any number of elements, whether physical substances or atmospheric ones, and if you own a Boxer then the likelihood is that he or she may suffer from Boxer dog allergies. There are several kinds of allergies that could affect your dog so it is important to be aware of them in order to react in a timely manner and ensure that your dog stays as comfortable as possible.

External Allergies

External Boxer dog allergies are fairly common. The main symptom of this kind of allergy is a skin reaction and thus your dog may itch as a result of it. If the itching persists without treatment then it is likely that your dog will bite and scratch until his or her fur falls out and sores develop. As such, it is essential to have your Boxer checked out if he or she is scratching on a fairly regular basis. The most common of the Boxer dog allergies in this category is the flea allergy. Fleas only irritate those dogs that are allergic to the saliva when they bite. As such, this will cause a reaction in itself and the scratching will make it worse. However, this is an easy allergy to combat. Treating your dog with flea medication will get rid of the mites and keep them away for a while.

Other external Boxer dog allergies include reactions to chemicals and other substances that may come into contact with the skin. The former includes reactions to cleaning fluids, detergents and shampoos that you may use on them. It may be that you have used a new dog shampoo that irritates his or her skin. Alternatively, you may have washed his or her bed with a substance that the skin reacts to. Either way, it is essential to seek veterinary help and then remove the fluid from the home, never to be used again. To help relieve your dog's itching you may want to use a natural remedy like PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease

Internal Allergies

Boxer dog allergies also encompass internal allergies. Those allergies falling into this category are the result of your dog ingesting substances that he or she is allergic to. This is often food based and causes diarrhea, vomiting and rashes on the skin. Allergies like this are best treated by a vet as soon as you notice something is wrong as some internal allergies could actually result in serious illness or even death.

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Of all the Boxer dog allergies, these are the most serious and so it is essential to identify the allergy sooner rather than later. Prescribed medication helps when accompanied by the removal of the source of the reaction from your Boxer’s diet or the general vicinity if he or she has eaten something from the garden, for example.

All Boxer dog allergies are extremely uncomfortable for your dog so be sure to maintain vigilance so you can deal with them sooner rather than later. Prompt treatment promotes a healthy and happy life after all!

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