Boxer that RAMS people !

by Jan
(Minneapolis, MN)

I have a female Boxer, who is about a 1 1/2 yrs old, and she RAMS people. She does this when she is outside, and running. I called her, this summer, (she was just past a yr old), and she came running around the house, full speed, flying, and rammed me hard, threw me down on the driveway, flat back, and broke my knee. I need to be on crutches for 6 months, needed surgery, and have a metal plate with several screws to put it back together.

I am AFRAID that she will do this again. She has also done this to my grown son, and knocked down a couple little children, with the RAM behavior.

She is fast and strong, hard to intervene.
Otherwise, she is obedient, (esp in the house), follows commands very well, will go 'down and stay' for as long as your require, is a Show Dog, is not dominant over her bone or food, etc.
But, yes, she definitely has a 'dominant' streak, and I am worried. Is there anyway that I can prevent her from doing this to me or anyone else again? THX

Our Answer:

You need to train her to realize this is not acceptable behavior. Preferably in small controlled setting where she can't get a full head of steam and knock you over.

First call her over or hold a toy she likes. If she comes over and jumps on you ignore her(turn away). If she doesn't jump, praise her. Repeat this as often as you need to.

There's a great video here explaining this.

You may also want to try clicker training. A lot of boxer owners have had success with this.

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