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How would you describe the boxer dog breed? Energetic, playful, loyal, protective, athletic, sweet, and probably a dozen more. They are the feisty middleweight of the dog world. A "big kid" or permanent puppy who always wants to play. This big personality has caused a surge in their popularity recently.

According to the American kennel club boxer dogs are in the top ten of registered dogs breeds in the U.S. That number has climbed significantly in recent years, all the way to #6 in 2009.

Not surprisingly a cottage industry of boxer breeders has sprung up around this popularity. Many people are willing to pay top dollar for boxer puppies with a pedigree.

So if your considering a boxer as a pet it's not surprising you'd want more information on the breed. So lets get started.

What Does The Boxer Dog Breed Look Like?

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Their a medium sized dog usually around 60-70 lbs for a male and 55-65 for a female. In height there around 23-25 inches for a male and 21-23 for a female. Their color is usually described as either fawn or brindle. Fawn being the lighter brownish color and brindle having more black coloring.

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The white boxer dog breed is also common. These are any boxer with white markings on more than one third of their coat. These boxer are generally not bred or shown in dog shows because of some health problems associated with them. Still despite this the remain quite popular with dog owners in general.

A common misconception is that there is a mini boxer dog breed. These dogs are actually a mix of two other dogs breeds.

Boxers are very good looking and athletic dogs. They are commonly seen in dog shows. There are boxer show dogs all over the world.

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What are Boxer Dogs Like?

The boxer dogs personality is known for being friendly and energetic. They are also natural guard dogs as they are very attentive and protective of their families.

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As pets the boxer dog breed are known for being great family dogs. They can be both very patient and playful with children. They need plenty of exercise though. They can be very hard on your furniture if they don't have an outlet for all that energy.

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It also very important that they get proper obedience training as well. They are very smart dogs and can learn quite quickly if it's done right.

It it's not done right boxers can very manipulative and clever about getting what they want. They also tend to have dominance issues with other dogs and problems with jumping on people.

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What's it Like to Take Care of a Boxer?

Besides getting them plenty of exercise and proper obedience training there are few concerns when caring for a boxer dog. They are generally low maintenance dogs.

They are short haired so they do have problems with extreme hot and cold temperatures. This is can be solved by keeping them indoors during these times. Some owners get clothing for their boxer or put a small heater next to where they sleep. The plus side to being short haired is they require very little grooming compared to other dogs

They do have some inheritable health problems such as cardiomyopathy and some types of cancer. Check with your vet to find out more about these. Like any dog they should also be regularly checked for fleas and dewormed.

Where Do Boxer Dog's Come From

The boxer dog originated as a cross breed between two different types of dogs. The brabanter bullenbeisser a Belgian hunting dog and the English bulldog (not the same as the American bulldog) were bred in Germany in the early 1800's to create the boxer.

Since then do have some history of being used in dog fights. However they also have a rich history as working dog. They have been used as hunting dogs, guards dogs, police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and even as couriers in world war 1.

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