Black Boxer Dogs: Rare Or Non-Existent?

black boxer dogs
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If you happen to be looking for a dog then you may see advertisements in newspapers and on various websites with information about black boxer dogs for sale. Many individuals boast about owning black boxer dogs in fact and back yard breeders tend to cash in on the puppies that they class as rare. For years, many people have bought Boxer dogs that they believe to be black but they have actually paid well over the odds. Although they do not realize it at the time, black Boxers do not actually exist.

If you are currently sitting with what you believe to be one of the black Boxer dogs out there at your feet then you may be scoffing at the previous paragraph. After all, you have a black member of the breed right there with you… or at least you think you do. The dog that you have with you is not actually black. Instead, it will be an extremely dark brindle. Confused? You would be forgiven for that because many individuals without expert knowledge of the breed would not be able to tell the difference.

However, those that realize that apparent black Boxer dogs are not black will be able to spot the tell tale signs. For example, if you take a closer look at a “black” Boxer’s coat, you will be able to see a subtle patterning on some areas of his or her fur. Underneath the black there will be slight fawn undertones because brindle is effectively black striping on fawn fur. As such, these areas mark the spot that the brindle of the fur merges to form the apparent black coat. Excessive striping like this is not very common but it common enough to have a color description. The pattern is actually known as “reverse brindle”.

You may be wondering why black Boxer dogs do not exist, as previously stated. Well, it is genetically impossible for a Boxer to be completely black. The color of any Boxer’s coat is controlled solely by the genes, as are most traits they exhibit. Extensive research has proven that there is a gene for brindle, fawn, white and even reverse brindle Boxers. However, there is no gene that could possibly ensure that the coat is black. If no black coat gene exists then it stands to reason that there are no black Boxer dogs! It is in fact impossible. Researchers have identified the genetic make up of the Boxer by studying it extensively and have not found the black cost gene as they have in other breeds. As such, this information cannot be disputed.

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All of the above information should give you everything you need to know to resist the allure of supposedly rare black Boxer dogs. It is essential to avoid back yard breeders that market their puppies as such. They are simply looking for more money. Having said that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with reverse brindle Boxers. They are just as beautiful as other dogs of the Boxer breed so just enjoy their company! The love and affection they will give you is second to none so black or brindle, you ultimately have a fantastic dog on your hands!

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