Bitting at your feet

by Rachel

Me and my boyfriend adopted a boxer about 2 months ago. He is between 1.5 and 2 years old. He is very sweet and non-aggressive; however he has a few issues that I would like to get some advice on.

1. Counter surfing/garbage opening
2. Barking and biting your feet

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to yell, put him in a crate, and make him sit down. Nothing seems to be working for me except the crate - which I don't want to use.

We want him to be able to be left alone when we go out but at this stage it is impossible to leave him outside of his crate.

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Mar 23, 2014
what worked for me... NEW
by: Anonymous

I brought a boxer mix home from the shelter a few months ago. The first couple of weeks he was only allowed out of his crate when I put him outside. Never loose in the house. After a couple of weeks I would allow him to roam a little. At the same time I would work with him on obedience training. He caught on to the clicker/reward really quick and he learned the word NO. As time went on he would get more curious about things as well as wanting to "mark" the house. I kept a close eye on him and each time he would do something inappropriate I would firmly tell him NO. After about 3 times he never even bothered again. Now I can give him and my 2 dashunds a treat and when the little dog leaves her treat he will go smell it and right before he opens his mouth I will firmly tell him NO. He leaves it alone and goes back to his pillow. To sum it all up, I would suggest basic obedience training... it was a huge help to me and mine.

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